Posted by: Julie Filby | August 27, 2010

Embarrassed. Already?

Moms, it’s a special day for us: the feast of St. Monica, patron saint of mothers!

St. Monica prayed endlessly for her wayward son. When he ignored her, she persisted; when he traveled from city to city trying to lose her, she jumped in a boat and followed him. She never gave up, and it turned out not only is she a saint, but her son is as well (St. Augustine).

I was happy to celebrate St. Monica this morning at the year’s first all-school Mass at STM Catholic. All four St. Thomas More priests concelebrated, an unmistakable demonstration of care and support for the students. And the message in the homily—a message directed towards 5- to 14-year-olds—spoke to me, as usual (hmmm…what does that tell you?).

The ‘snag’ in my morning was that my son Quinn completely ignored me at Mass. Really? Already? In second grade? Too cool to say hi to your mom? At Mass?!

Oh well, I suppose it’s just the beginning of embarrassing my children simply by existing.

Who could be more empathetic than St. Monica? She wrote the book on being ignored by her son, and looked how that turned out. Thank you, St. Monica, for your dedication to the vocation of motherhood and the example of a devout prayer life.

St. Augustine’s feast day is tomorrow.

I WELCOME YOUR COMMENTS: Do your kids ever pretend they don’t know you in public?

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  5. Thanks all for the comments! It’s always helpful to know we’re all in this together! :) I’d like to add some wonderful insights, courtesy of my mother-in-law, Lois:

    “…being ignored is not meant to be hurtful…it’s a sign of self assurance, and feeling safe where they are. You know the old saying…give them roots and wings. The wings are the hardest part…Quinn knows where home is, and I think he even knows how perfect it is…and I know he counts on refilling his tank of love to take on his next day’s venture.”

  6. Oh Julie – I don’t think Quinn was embarresed he just wasn’t ready to show all his new friends that he has the coolest Mom on the planet! :)

  7. Welcome to my world. Andrew thinks he is too cool for his mom, but I just persevere. First day of school Mark and I took the kids to their classrooms, Kaitlynn let us walk her to her room and gave us big hugs and kisses; Andrew darted off before we knew it and totally ditched us. So Mark and I just marched into his classroom I said “There’s my sugar” gave him a kiss on his head and took his picture, in front of all his classmates!

  8. Oh my dear Julie!! I shuddered when I saw the title of your piece and was hesitant to read it for it is one of my biggest fears – “when will “that” time come??” For you it was today, and how very fitting that it happened on the Feast of St. Monica! Can we all be so lucky with that inevitable event the life of a mother?

    For me, my strategy is to continually change my children’s enviornments so they cling to me always :)

    We are all missing our dear frineds at STM and you are all in our prayers. We will stick together through these changes via cyberspace. Thank you for leading the way into unchartered waters for the rest of us moms.

  9. Max won’t hold my hand anymore! I understand completely. I should appreciate Sammy clinging to me more!

  10. Don’t feel too bad…when I told my son “I love you!” as he was exiting the car – his response was “OK” Hrm. Makes me cherish the times he is engaging and sharing stories with me…they are already dwindling!

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