Posted by: Julie Filby | March 2, 2010

We are who we are

Kids remind us how fun every-day stuff can be

Vaughn {singing at the top of her lungs}:

I had a widduh turdle
His name was Tiny Tim…

At King Soopers Monday Vaughn sang her way through the store, howled at the dog pictures in the pet aisle, and squealed when she got a sprinkle cookie. So simple, yet so fun.

Life experiences, even trips to the grocery store, come together to make us who we are. All of our experiences—good and bad, large and small—have value: they form who we are, who we evolve into. Sometimes we don’t realize how they’ve shaped us until later.

I recall trips to Nu-Way (a grocery store in Coffeyville that’s a feed store now) with my mom. To this day I can recite her driver’s license number and remember the thrill of getting the occasional bag of Tiny-Size Chiclets at the check-out line! I can’t help but think that experience helps make me a better mom today.

The homily I’d heard at Mass the day before was about the Transfiguration relayed in the Gospel. Jesus’ experiences on earth helped shaped him and prepare him for his journey to the cross. At the moment of his Transfiguration, he had a realization of all the things that made him who he is.

Trout Lake, YMCA of the Ozarks

I heard this homily at St. James Catholic Church in the small town of Potosi, Missouri. I had the chance to spend last weekend with my mom—and a dear friend and her mom—at a getaway in the beautiful rolling hills of the Ozarks. It was a great experience (including a fun trip to the grocery store!).

I’m grateful that God blesses us with gifts, graces and people to accompany us on our journey.

I WELCOME YOUR COMMENTS: What experiences (big or small) have helped form you as a mother?

I had a widduh turdle
His name was Tiny Tim…
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  1. I had a great time last weekend also. And I’m so thankful that you weren’t singing about your lidduh turdle, Tiny Tim, at the top of your lungs when we were all at the grocery store (both of them)! We need to do this again next year!

    Love ya,

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