Posted by: Julie Filby | September 22, 2009

Where I’m coming from

RJHS, home of the Rough Riders

Roosevelt Junior High, Coffeyville

From the day I was selected for eighth grade yearbook staff, my career path was laid out. I loved to do research, organize bits and pieces, and compile stories. That journey continued with more yearbooks, a degree in journalism, newspaper reporting, and a magazine contribution here and there. 

But after college, journalism took a back seat and I spent the next 15 years in marketing at an investment firm. It was valuable experience, I learned a lot—but that desire to be a journalist never went away. 

I see parallels in my career journey and my faith journey. I’m a cradle Catholic, born and raised close to the faith, literally–I grew up half-a-block from Holy Name Church in small-town Coffeyville, Kansas—so the church, rectory, convent and school weren’t just places I visited from time to time: they were my ‘hood. 

My hometown church, Holy Name, in Coffeyville, Kansas.

Holy Name Church in Coffeyville, Kansas

I went to Holy Name Catholic School, enjoyed CYO and went to Sunday morning CCD classes (OK, except for the weeks Joe Underwood and I skipped to go to Hardee’s for breakfast). 

As a young adult, with no one to lovingly nudge me to Mass (“Get up—you’re going. No jeans.”) or otherwise practice Catholicism, my faith and spiritual life took a back seat (wayy back). While I never lost faith in God or stopped going to Mass altogether, I didn’t give my spiritual health the attention it deserved. It was valuable experience, I learned a lot—but that desire to be a faithful Catholic never went away. 

We learn so much from our children (maybe the kids can teach me how to snowboard).

We teach and learn from our children (maybe my kids can teach me how to snowboard someday).

Things changed when our kids were born. In addition to the obvious changes (sleepless nights, 60 pounds to lose, no free time), when I became a mom I realized I was not only responsible for two little lives—but for two little souls. It was my job to help get my kids to heaven! 

I have a wonderful husband of 9 years, Matt, who I’m collaborating with on Project Pearly Gates. Our son Quinn is 6 and daughter Vaughn is 3. Our children are a constant source of joy and frustration—gifts from God that we’re grateful for every day (even when we’re putting them in “time out” or cleaning up… well, stuff no one wants to clean up). 

So, thanks Quinn and Vaughn: my faith has been renewed. I’m taking better care of my spiritual health, and working to discover, re-discover and appreciate the riches and blessings of the Church that I neglected for too long. 

This journey of renewal led me to reconsider my career path. Through a series of fortunate events I had the opportunity to combine my love for Christ and his Church, with my journalism education and experience, working for the Archdiocese of Denver writing for the Denver Catholic Register bannerMy job is an opportunity to learn and grow and serve in a beautiful setting

I’m grateful to be surrounded by many wonderful Christian influences—co-workers, family, friends and neighbors—who provide support, guidance, inspiration, feedback and overall sanity in the journey of motherhood.

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  3. Julie – this is FABULOUOS!! You are a creative writer and capture moments in thoughts and word. I love that you are doing this and one thing (of many) that I admire about you is that you always come from a place of honesty, sprinkled with reality and a sense of humor. This is a great idea and you are the right person to do it. love you friend.

  4. :)

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